Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Really? Authentic, amazing wood-fired pizza on a tabletop?

The word “uuni” is Finnish for pizza, and this oven has been cooking up the best of it since they launched in 2012.

Our Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Oven takes simple ingredients like dough, mozzarella, basil, and fresh tomatoes, and transforms them into culinary creations, so mouthwatering you’ll hardly want to wait for it to cool off. The Uuni 3 works meticulously, heating up to 932°F in no more than 10 minutes, allowing for pizzas to cook in an astounding 60 seconds. The oven is fed by wood pellets, which add to the flavor, and are inexpensive and readily available at the nearest hardware store.

Not only is the oven one of the top ranking options for artisan pizza lovers, but also for anyone interested in down right delicious dishes. From steak, to fish, poultry, roasted vegetables, or even dessert! There is a recipe out there for everyone. The best part? The oven is easily packable, making it one of the greatest portable cooking options for those on the go.

So whether you are cooking for the crew back at the base, or at home in your outdoor kitchen, the Uuni 3 is the perfect fit for anyone interested in 100% delicious, amazing wood-fired pizza.

Check out our very own recipe here!



Would We Buy This For Ourselves? – Yes, we use it daily
Do We Trust It Enough to Recommend It? – 100%
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