Advanced gluten-free hydration with no added sugar

Usage Instructions

Saving lives, improving the quality of life and reducing health care costs associated with dehydration worldwide. Cera Products Inc. plans to continue research and development for improving its products and its position as a scientific leader in oral rehydration.


This product provides a boost of energy for shorter bouts of intense activity. It has more electrolytes, but less carbohydrates. It can be mixed with Cerasport. Use 1 packet for every 16 oz. of water for both.


Our traditional sports drink. Use for daily hydration before and during sweat producing physical activity.

Cerasport Plus

More carbohydrate than our traditional Cerasport. Use during endurance training events that last over 60 minutes of continuous activity.

Cerasport Endurance:

The same carbohydrate content as our Plus with the sodium of our EX1 with 15 grams protein per liter. Use during endurance events lasting more than 3-4 hours where additional carbohydrate, sodium and protein are needed.


For significant dehydration related to inadequate fluid replacement or diarrhea. Use one 50-gram packet per liter of water (32-34 oz).

How to Detect dehydration

Symptoms of Dehydration:
  • Increased body temperature, rapid pulse, headache, chills, heat cramps, clammy skin, exhaustion, dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal problems
  • 20-30% decrease in endurance capacity
  • Impaired performance and / or delayed reaction times

Water alone dilutes the electrolytes in your body and is not sufficient for proper hydration during or after exercise of one hour or more.

How to prevent dehydration

Before Activity:
  • Distribute 2 packets of CeraSport or CeraSport EX1 at a time to each professional (EX1 is appropriate for heat category 4/5)
  • Mix 2 packets into canteen (32 oz) or 1 packet with 1/2 canteen (16 oz)
  • Drink 30-60 minutes BEFORE activity begins; CONTINUE drinking during rigorous movement
During Activity:
  • Drink 500ml CeraProducts PER HOUR during strenuous activity
  • Individuals should have light-colored urine flow every 2-3 hours (frequently)
  • Ensure individuals drink BEFORE they are thirsty – most are likely to already be mildly dehydrated
  • An adequate amount of water MUST be taken with MREs / Meals

How to treat conscious individuals

With heat related exhaustion or injury Oral Rehydration Treatment
  • Mix a 50-gram packet of ceralyte 70 in a liter of water and sip slowly, 4-8 ounces every 15 minutes.
  • This is the oral equivalent of an IV. Electrolytes will be
    absorbed into the bloodstream within 15 minutes.
IV Treatment
  • Continue to give individuals CeraProducts for quicker recovery time


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