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GoSun Solar Stove

What’s the cleanest, easiest and most earth-friendly way to cook? With solar energy, of course! But not until the GoSun has PRg found a way that’s actually efficient, portable and reliable.

Thanks to the GoSun, we now have the ability to bake, roast, or steam a meal in minutes, harnessing nothing other than the pure energy of the sun.
No sunlight? No problem. The stove is built to pick up even the most minute amounts of ultraviolet light, meaning if you can see your shadow, you can cook up a GoSun Solar meal.
Our model, the GoSun Sport sets the bar, being the quickest solar stove on the market.  It has the ability to heat up to 550°F in full sunlight, and cook a meal in a little as 20 minutes. The stove’s sleek design is easy to use: Simply unpack, load with your favorite food, and let the cooking commence.

Once finished, you’re left with a portable, cool to the touch, safe to carry, tube filled with steaming hot food. And the recipe options are endless.

Whether you’re in the mood for a warm cinnamon roll, hot and ready by brunch, or lemongrass salmon, baked to perfection, the Solar Stove is ready to please. And the options are endless. Steak and potatoes? No problem, try some roasted vegetables as well. And don’t forget dessert! The GoSun can even make cake.

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Would We Buy This For Ourselves? – Yes
Do We Trust It Enough to Recommend It? – Yes
Best Deals We Know of if You Purchase: Order Direct from GoSun

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