The Circle of Trust

This is a collection of companies whose products and gear we have evaluated and trust.  If we post it here we are confident in your ultimate satisfaction with not only the products, but the service and reputation of each of these companies.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear

Casio G-Shock

I bought my first Casio in the 1990s, exasperated with other watches failing with professional use. To this day, I still own the same watch. Through the years, I’ve evaluated other watches, but none of them have stood up to the standards and quality of the G-Shock from Casio.

The Casio G-Shock line of watches is hands-down the best choice for the professional. In our opinion, Casio G-Shock digital and analog watches are the ultimate timepiece.

They provide durable, shock resistant, 200 meter water-resistant watches for various activities, and the PRg cadre has found them to be reliable not only for years, but for decades.

Circle of Trust


The industry leader in quality, innovation and design, CrewBoss manufactures high quality fire resistant personal protective
equipment for wildland and structural firefighters. The entire line of
CrewBoss FR apparel is proudly made in the USA.

PRg has worked with Crewboss on many of their products and designs, helping them develop the gear that professionals need on every mission.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and renowned for making products in the USA from fabrics such as heavyweight Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool, Filson stands for the highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories available.

PRg has worked with Filson to help design several new products, all executed with PRg’s stringent commitment to quality, function and innovation–plus a timeless sense of style.


Wildland Fire Fighting Gear

GoSun Solar Stove

This incredibly designed solar stove cooks swiftly, reliably and evenly. You can bake, broil, fry… we’ve made biscuits, bacon, steak, asparagus, peppers, and more. On the road, camping, even in the even of a power outage at your home, the GoSun stoves are superb!

They have a nice variety of sizes and options to choose from. We suggest the GoSun Sport, click below to see our photo review and ratings.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear


Hilleberg the Tentmaker is a family owned company with 45 years of experience in manufacturing lightweight, all-season tents of the highest quality.

PRg has found their tents to be unsurpassed by any other company, their materials and craftsmanship are absolutely unparalleled.

Click here to learn more and explore their incredible tents.

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Icebreaker Merino is guaranteed to be the world’s most comfortable, best performing merino clothing.

Icebreaker has pioneered the use of merino wool in the wilderness since 1994,  in the mountains of New Zealand. Sustainability is at the heart of Icebreaker, and they aim for profitable sustainability — a business model that balances ecology with economy.

Contact PRg directly 7 days a week to place your order and get our custom concierge services and advice. Or if you prefer to shop online, use the link below.

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Kestrel Weather Meters

Kestrel is the handheld weather-monitoring device that provides a wide range of functions, plus accurate relative humidity measurements. Kestrel Meters are manufactured by NK (Nielsen-Kellerman), an American company that designs, manufactures and distributes waterproof instruments for active lifestyles and many technical applications.  All products are made in Boothwyn, PA, USA.

Order Direct from PRg!

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Maui Jim

Maui Jim sunglasses are the only choice for PRg. We have tested their product for going on 6 years and now offer them to our Fire, Law and Military professionals.

Contact PRg to order directly and for consultation on which style will best serve you.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear


Mountain Safety Research began with a single purpose: to make the backcountry safer for mountaineers. In the decades that followed, they stayed true to that goal, and used their knowledge of engineering and science to find better solutions to the challenges of the mountains.

PRg has used MSR gear, as well as other products from Cascade Designs, extensively and all over the globe. We give them a solid approval rating across the board.

Firefighter boots

Frank’s Boots

Makers of handmade, custom-fit work and wildland fire boots in Spokane, Washington.

PRg is a full dealer and will help you choose the right boot for you, get the correct sizing, and advise you on how to properly take the best care of your new boots as well. Contact us directly to place your order.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear


Niteize is constantly, relentlessly innovating and coming up with new products and ideas the you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it. From mobile device accessories,  to LED visibility and safety products, to LED pet products and tool accessories, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find something that you absolutely must have from them.

In addition, we appreciate their large manufacturing facility, distribution center, and corporate offices are based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear

Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec has been pioneering new technologies and building lights since 1975.  Their lights are tailored for a wide range of uses, including tactical, outdoors, diving, biking and industrial.

PRg has been evaluating their products for over 5 years, and they are highly recommended.

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Saddleback Leather

We think that their 100-year guarantee pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this company:
“Every piece of Saddleback Leather and Mountainback is built for lifetimes of satisfaction. In fact, we believe in our craftsmen, our materials and our designs so strongly that we warranty them against defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years….. If your piece doesn’t live up to what we said it would, then contact us –  or have one of your descendants get ahold of one of my descendants and we’ll take care of you.”

Davis Vantage Vue: Overview from Box to Setup

Our weather stations help professionals and hobbyists measure, monitor, and manage weather data. The Vantage Vue is quick and easy to set up so you can start getting accurate and reliable weather data right away. Our stations are engineered to withstand scorching sun, corrosion, 200 mph (321 kmh) winds, temperature extremes, and more. This sleek and compact Davis weather station is trusted by meteorologists, gardeners, storm chasers, and weather enthusiasts across the world.