Company Overview

PRg is a solutions company, dedicated to consultation, evaluation, and assistance in product design for leading companies across the globe. Founder Jason A. Ramos has been working with gear for his entire career, with over three decades of professional experience. PRg calls on the experiences and insights of true professionals in some of the most rigorous fields and tough, real-world conditions. Companies have us evaluate and consult on products ranging from prototypes and cutting-edge models to tried and true classics. We give insight, advice, reviews and solutions for the professional arena.

PRg’s founder and owner, Jason A. Ramos, has been in professional outdoor public service for over three decades. He, along with his PRg cadre, are among the best outdoor professionals in the world and personally evaluates all the gear that PRg recommends. In 2021, PRg is currently evaluating and designing gear for some of finest companies on the planet.

Jason A. Ramos (Founder)


Product Research Gear’s evaluations are honest and based on the PRg cadre actually using products in the line of duty, season after season. PRg’s reviews are based ONLY on our personal, collected opinions. These reviews are not official endorsements or legal safety testing. PRg does not accept ANY money for any evaluations, nor are any of the PRg cadre paid anything for their time and efforts in evaluating products and gear. The PRg cadre is a dynamic group of professionals in a wide variety of fields, who may be called upon depending on the product type and evaluating needs.

At PRg, we understand that you could be on a mission or need to just contact us outside of the regular “nine to five.” Please contact us anytime, 24/7,  by email, text or phone and we will return your communication as soon as possible. If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, we are out on assignment and will get back to you immediately upon our return. We are also available to Skype for consultation, gear demos, and support.

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Jason A. Ramos