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Looking for the best shore power plug on the market? Well, this is it. The Smart Plug is the leading power plug in its industry. It’s simple to use, safe, and secure–but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the results below!

Our year-long evaluation took place in an area exposed to a variety of extremes. From below freezing temperatures and ice buildup, to extreme heat and grime, our region got a taste of everything, and the Smart Plug was able to handle it all.

The #1 leading cause of shore power failure and boat fires are poor connectivity problems–problems that you won’t have with a Smart Plug. Most power fittings aren’t made for success. Their bond is weak which leads to loose connections, moisture build up, corrosion, and potentially life threatening fires. The Smart Plug has 20x more electrical contact that other plugs. The mechanism works to maximize electrical transfer with a automatic multi-lock system and triple waterproof seals which is key to user safety.

The plug not only has the best design on the market, but it’s made from some of the best materials. It’s assembled with highly polished Marine grade 316 stainless steel levers, and UV/heat resistant resins made locally in the USA.  

The Smart Plug is intuitive to use and built to last a lifetime.



Would We Buy This For Ourselves? – Yes, we use it daily
Do We Trust It Enough to Recommend It? – 100%
Best Deals We Know of if You Purchase: Order Direct from SmartPlug
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