PRg is the only company that tests and evaluates gear for a minimum of a year before recommending it. Here at PRg, our mission is to offer you honest and clear advice on the best gear, and personalized service to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. If you need help, just call or email us we will help you find the right gear. Or check out our recommended companies and products in our Circle of Trust.


Our company calls on the experiences and insights of true professionals in some of the most rigorous fields and tough, real-world conditions. Companies have us evaluate and consult on products ranging from prototypes and cutting-edge models to tried and true classics. We give insight, advice, reviews and solutions for the professional arena.


We have evaluated gear from literally hundreds of companies over the years, and the honest truth is, most of them have not passed the PRg test. However, there are a few that have. Each one of them creates and designs products of the highest quality, adheres to fantastic standards, and has excellent customer service. You’ll find them in our Circle of Trust.

  • “PRG was instrumental in the recent launch of our line of Kestrel Fire Weather Meters.  The team gave us direct, actionable advice from their own extensive experience and organized a panel of experts from across the firefighting world to make sure we were talking to the right people and getting the right information.  We were able to quickly launch a new product with confidence that it had the right features firefighters needed and then see that product adopted and put to good use keeping teams safe and making their jobs a little easier.” 

    Austin Wilcox, Senior Product Manager – Kestrel
  • “When you are looking for expert advice, look no further than PRG! Thanks to the crew at PRG for all the guidance in developing a solution for the steering stability. In addition to all the right on the money input on the Fire Ranger CSV project. Working with PRG has been a pleasure and an invaluable experience for us in developing a platform that can be an asset in real-world environments. Thanks again!”

    Peter Mills, Fire Ranger CSV

We will NEVER recommend a piece of gear or
equipment that we haven’t used ourselves in the field.


When it comes to gear and equipment, PRg demands the best and only the best.

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