Working with PRG

PRG works with many companies to help evaluate their products either or in the development and testing cycles or in the upgrade cycles.  We have a long list of in-the-field operators.  It’s one thing to have engineers design a product and it’s another to have it tested in the field by the people you hope to eventually sell to.

When you choose to work with PRg, you are choosing to work with a company that values excellence, integrity, customer service, USA-made, innovation, quality and durability. We run our evaluations through a minimum of a full year. The other companies that run something through a week or a month’s evaluation cycle are not taking the time or energy to really put something through its paces. How many times have you bought something, loved it at first, and then realized that it completely failed or broke down 3 or 4 months later. That’s why we are committed to a full-year’s evaluation of all the products we work with.

In today’s fast-paced world, fewer and fewer companies are dedicated to making the highest quality products that last. In fact, sometimes it seems like some products are designed to fail right after their warranties expire, just to you have to purchase again! At PRg, we are dedicated to finding the products that have real staying power, and we base our entire mission around this.


How does our process work?


PRg conducts an analysis of a prospective company, including its location(s), where products are manufactured, its mission and core principles, customer service policies, customer reviews and product reputation.

Wildland Fire Fighting Gear